Indie Wed 2017 Review

Indie Wed was a huge success for me. I loved everything. The vibe, the vendors, the couples, it was truly special. Very intimate and "kitschy", I thought it was a one of a kind show. My mirror decor fit in perfectly. Special thanks to Kelly Horvath, the show's founder for accepting my company with open arms. Also need to thank my biz buddy Desiree Dent of Dejanae Events who encouraged me to do this show and also came out to help me field client inquiries.

I also heard that there was a special 7:15A segment that featured ONLY my mirrors but I have been unable unfortunately to obtain the footage! I DID make it to the "wrap-up" reel, but it was truly a "blink and you'll miss it" moment, so I made sure to get a screen shot of it.

Mirror Lettering: A How To Guide Available Now

It's been a looong time and so much has happened since the last blog. I need to recap the awesome calligraphy workshop I hosted on October 22nd... I've got some cool worksheets to share, and finally I want to get you up to speed on some cool holiday calligraphy ideas. Whew!

FIRST, I want to share that I've FINALLY (and I do mean finally) put together a "how to" guide for creating mirrors. I get so many questions about this particular style of writing that I thought I'd go ahead and put together my BEST tips for doing these right the first time. You can purchase a digital download from my hand lettering page or from my Etsy shop!

Excerpts below:

Grab the e-book by 11/30 if you can for the special rate! I'll be back soon with more goodies!