Mirror Lettering: A How To Guide Available Now

It's been a looong time and so much has happened since the last blog. I need to recap the awesome calligraphy workshop I hosted on October 22nd... I've got some cool worksheets to share, and finally I want to get you up to speed on some cool holiday calligraphy ideas. Whew!

FIRST, I want to share that I've FINALLY (and I do mean finally) put together a "how to" guide for creating mirrors. I get so many questions about this particular style of writing that I thought I'd go ahead and put together my BEST tips for doing these right the first time. You can purchase a digital download from my hand lettering page or from my Etsy shop!

Excerpts below:

Grab the e-book by 11/30 if you can for the special rate! I'll be back soon with more goodies!