Wedding Mirror Seating Chart Ideas

Mirror seating charts are STILL extremely popular. I did my first one back in 2013 and 4 years later, they are likely my most popular item and MOST inquired about "day of" decor element.

This post is for those of you getting married that may be wondering exactly what kinds of mirrors you can have designed. The two most popular ways (and there are alternate ways to display each type) are:

  • Alpha Order - Guests organized by last name. I like to add a letter or letters above each "section/group" of names in order to make scanning/finding your name easier.
  • By Table - Guests seated by table name or number - This is a lovely look and one that clients ask for most often, however I like to remind them that anything over 14-15 tables may make it harder for guests to navigate.

Other add ons:

  • Be Our Guest
  • Where Am I Sitting?
  • Please Be Seated
  • Please Find Your Seat
  • Wedding Hashtag
  • Thank you for sharing in our special day

Mirror Lettering: A How To Guide Available Now

It's been a looong time and so much has happened since the last blog. I need to recap the awesome calligraphy workshop I hosted on October 22nd... I've got some cool worksheets to share, and finally I want to get you up to speed on some cool holiday calligraphy ideas. Whew!

FIRST, I want to share that I've FINALLY (and I do mean finally) put together a "how to" guide for creating mirrors. I get so many questions about this particular style of writing that I thought I'd go ahead and put together my BEST tips for doing these right the first time. You can purchase a digital download from my hand lettering page or from my Etsy shop!

Excerpts below:

Grab the e-book by 11/30 if you can for the special rate! I'll be back soon with more goodies!