Beginner's Modern Calligraphy Workshop

I am hosting a beginner's calligraphy workshop of my VERY OWN on Saturday, May 14, 2016!
It will be from 11:00A - 2:00P. 

This is a GREAT chance to learn pointed pen calligraphy in an intimate environment. Two different nibs, jar of ink, drill sheets and an entire alphabet! 

Don't wait, sign up today!


2016 Top Wedding Trends - Pt. 2 of 2

More trends to look out for in 2016...

In part 1 I mentioned how much personalization means to wedding events now. Adding to this personalization is signage. Signage is a trend that's been on the rise since 2011. Social media has solidified these trends more now than at any other time in our industry. Before, trends would come and go, now these pictures live FOREVER (Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, etc.).


Screenshot 2015-09-03 09.40.18.png

Weddings also have multiple activities and "stations" now which lends itself towards "labeling" and "identification"...  Photo Booth, Family Memory table, Card and Gift table, Signature Drink signs, Seating Chart, Guest Book, Bar Menus, Instagram hashtag sign, welcome sign, etc. Its definitely now OFFICIALLY a "line item" on a couple's wedding budget. Here are some things to think about...

:: The Big Day ::

  • Ceremony Programs ___
  • Guestbook signage ___
  • Directional Signage ___
  • Pick a Seat, Not a Side Sign ___
  • For your tears of joy cello bags ___

:: Let's Party ::

  • Menus ___
  • Card Box ___
  • Place cards or Seating Chart ___
  • Table Tents/Cards ___
  • In Lieu of favor cards or Favor tags ___
  • Printed Cocktail Napkins ___
  • Bar Signage ___
  • Social media signage (Instagram hashtag, appy couple, etc.) ___
  • Candy Buffet Signage ___
  • Signature Drink Tent/Sign ___
  • Thank You Cards ___
  • Bathroom Signage  ___

:: Wait a minute... where do I go? ::

  • Directional Signage ___
  • Reserved Signs ___
  • Couple's Chair Back Signs (Mr. and Mrs.) ___
  • Thank You Signage (for photo op) ___
  • Photo booth Signage ___
  • Flip Flop Tub Signage ___
  • Tent card signage for Candy Buffet or Dessert Table ___


Admiring a mirror I completed on site at Adler Planetarium last summer...

Admiring a mirror I completed on site at Adler Planetarium last summer...

People are fascinated with mirrors for weddings now. Mirror menus, Mirror seating charts, mirrored signature drink signs, etc. Instead of slowing down, the trend has picked up! Check out my Etsy mirrored seating chart listing if you are thinking about executing a mirror. Lots of nice detail here and should answer a lot of questions!

Casual Fonts

The lowercase "bouncing baseline" style of type does NOT appear to be going anywhere soon. So many people requested bombshell pro that I added it to my list of calligraphy styles. There are other styles as well that are lending themselves to a "simpler", "cleaner" looking invitation suite. Be on the lookout for simpler ways to communicate information this year. Sadly, no one really reads anymore thanks to excessive scrolling so important information needs to be presented in efficient "chunks".

Take care til' next time guys,


Matrimony Monday - 2016

It is Matrimony Monday! We find ourselves at the beginning of a new year, with newly engaged couples looking to start slowly (or aggressively depending on your planning window) researching booking their wedding vendors.

I have done a number of these posts over the years on my old blog (CT-Designs is my former company name) and am going to direct you back to some of that content. Great, timeless tips that can get you pointed in the right direction right now!

Take care til' next time and good luck with your planning process!

--ct (Christy Toney)