Calligraphy by CT & Macy's

I mentioned prior that I had partnered with Macy's recently to teach a mirrored lettering class for their annual Flower Show, Once Upon a Springtime. I've FINALLY been able to share a synopsis of this day along with the professional pictures. Such a great experience and I'm so grateful for all that attended.


The class was held on the 7th floor inside the Frango Café. Nice and spacious and I was even given a body mic. There was a full class thanks to people waiting outside so no shows places were taken immediately.

This was my first time TEACHING students of varying levels how to actually handle paint pens and write onto mirrored surfaces. I used my Mirror Lettering Guide as a basis for my handouts. The idea is to get comfortable with straight edge tools, centering layouts and becoming adept with a paint pen. It was a thrilling experience, I will likely teach a class of my own soon.

Each student got a pencil, a Bistro chalk marker, a DecoColor paint pen, a "how to" guide and an 8" x 8" mirror. They were surprised that they were able to walk with all of these supplies, but my goal/desire is that they will be able to successfully letter mirrors later either for fun or profit. In other words, I want you guys to keep practicing! Thanks again to Macy's for inviting me, I had a great time!

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Photo credit: Jesus Santos Photography | @eflash35




Stunning Wedding Celebration at Tribeca 360

Yes, its February and I am just now posting for the New Year. 2017 featured a whirlwind of events that I was excited about participating in. Just an amazing year. This season is getting started in the same way, with new projects, new clients and more challenges as we move through the year.

I got some pics from an event that I did "day of" stationery for on 12/30. Tina LaMorte of NJ based Oh So Fab events tapped me to do an "ombre" table. I'd never done this before. I split the list up into three parts and lettered the first section in a pale pink, the middle a deeper shade of pink and then the last section fuchsia. It came out looking wonderful! I also executed some mirrors behind the place cards for other guests who had open cocktail seating.

Gorgeous, detailed shots being delivered to me after an event is a real treat because there is no guarantee that happens! Please enjoy and I'll be back with more updates in a more regular fashion! 

Photo credit: @dweissstudio | Planning: @ohsofab_events | Venue: @tribeca360

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Clockwise from left: 1.) POTUS birthday card, 2.) Gorgeous letterform created by Nikola Pang, 3.) 7th annual Empowerment conference at Marcello's 4.) Trunk party mirror, Hampton bound (congrats again Mariana!) 

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Matrimony Monday - 2016

It is Matrimony Monday! We find ourselves at the beginning of a new year, with newly engaged couples looking to start slowly (or aggressively depending on your planning window) researching booking their wedding vendors.

I have done a number of these posts over the years on my old blog (CT-Designs is my former company name) and am going to direct you back to some of that content. Great, timeless tips that can get you pointed in the right direction right now!

Take care til' next time and good luck with your planning process!

--ct (Christy Toney)