Chicago Calligraphy Workshop - Saturday 4/27/2019

Join me! I’m back for a beginning pointed pen course in Hyde Park!

This workshop will arm you with the tools you need to begin tackling the basic techniques of modern calligraphy using the pointed pen. How to hold the pen, practicing brushstrokes and finally constructing letters of a full alphabet will be covered. Highly recommended for those of you who are just starting out... Don't worry if you've never picked up a pen either, I make sure EVERYONE is comfy!

Screenshot 2019-03-19 14.59.17.png

Workshop includes:
– 3 hours of instruction with Christy Toney
– 1 oblique pen holder
– 2 pointed pen nibs
– 1 jar of black ink
– Multiple drill / practice sheets
– 1 calligraphy alphabet exemplar (Upper/Lower case letters + numbers)
– Extra/bonus goodies!
– Refreshments

Purchase tickets here, space is limited!

Check out more information about my workshops here:

Hope to see you!!!

Til’ next time,

2 Weeks Left to Beginner's Modern Caligraphy!

The class is Saturday, March 11, 2017! Start your calligraphy journey THIS year! I hope you can join me for my 1st Quarter class! There will be refreshments, a detailed curriculum, practice sheets and MORE. Better yet, a HALF HOUR has been added to this course so its 3.5 hours! Hurry and book your slot while the Early Bird rate is still available.