The Room 1520 Bar Mirror - Calligraphy Lettering

I have had the privilege of lettering the MASSIVE mirror behind the bar at Room 1520 SIX times now since April 2018!

Wanted to share a little #BTS and my process.

April 2018 - Wedding

I think this is the largest WRITING that I’ve attempted as far as the real estate of the mirror goes. SO tough to get a good shot of them, but you can squeeze it/blow it up to get a better look.

I had to stand on the bar in order to write so high on the mirror!

I had to stand on the bar in order to write so high on the mirror!

For a better look, take a look at my IG post capturing a little video:

September 2, 2018 - Wedding

This couple had a specific point of view and utilized all three mirrors. Mirror 1: Names and date | Mirror 2: Signature Cocktails | Mirror 3: Full menu of beers/wines/spirits!

I used the blue painters tape just to section off my work areas. I think it came out great and although the writing was as “voluminous” as the prior job, I think it was easier to photograph.

September 28, 2018 - Wedding

Another couple who requested all three mirrors and I was told I could go crazy and I DID. This was the first time I introduced little representational pics of the drinks… Highballs, cocktail glasses, etc. You can really appreciate it by seeing the vid. I’ll link to the IG post underneath the picture gallery.

Here is a link to the IG post w/video! also more pics:

December 8, 2018 - Wedding

Ahh, a winter wedding. I was told by Kristina and Curtis that I could go crazy with “wintery” elements. It was a winter wonderland theme, but I wanted to play up the branches, holly, mistletoe look vs. snowflakes and such. LOVED this one. Only two mirrors utilized this time. Couples names and date on the first one and signature cocktails on the second.

January 27, 2019 - 2nd annual West Loop Wedding Walk

SO honored to be asked to do this! Multiple venues participate in this event and a trolley shuttles couples from venue to venue in order to start confirming big details for their big day! Unfortunately I couldn’t execute until the “day of” and accessed the venue around 9:30A.

I ACTUALLY wasn’t quite sure what I was going to do when I arrived on site to do these mirrors! I was told to write the “West Loop Wedding Walk” and then I could add my company name on the last mirror. I looked up the event on Eventbrite and BAM it was a no brainer, I mimicked the logo so everything tied in together nicely. Even added some florals/offhand flourishing.

I was fortunate enough to get a nice shot of the work because of Michelle Cox Photo! Thanks so much!!!


March 9, 2019 - Wedding

The latest mirror that I executed. Client again knew just what they wanted. Gave me some freedom as far as the flourishes were concerned. Not as constricted design wise for sure.

I captured a tiny bit of video too:

Calligraphy by CT YouTube Channel

I'm back. Finally replaced the laptop that I killed last season with a fatal spill of coffee so I'll definitely be able to blog more. I've missed blogging for sure!

I've started a YouTube channel and have been uploading vids as I work. I've got a few to upload from my Instagram that were informative as well. At least I can upload longer versions to YouTube.

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September 2016 Calligraphy Classes in Illinois

Ok, here is my ENTIRE September schedule. I kept blogging about these classes individually for different reasons, but had no idea I'd be teaching FOUR times. Thought that warranted a complete recap and is great for you guys that have been wanting to start out lettering.

Sat. 9/10 - Southport - Intro to Calligraphy (broad edge/chisel tip markers and some brush lettering) 3543 N Southport Ave, Chicago, IL 60657 | (773) 880-0489 | Noon - 3:30P

Sun. 9/11 - Oak Brook - Intro to Calligraphy (broad edge/chisel tip markers and some brush lettering) 433 Oakbrook Center, Oak Brook, IL 60523 | (630) 572-1955 | Noon - 3:30P

Sat. 9/24 - Oak Park - Intro to Calligraphy (broad edge/chisel tip markers and some brush lettering) 1109 Lake St, Oak Park, IL 60301 | (708) 445-7700 | 11:00A - 2:30P

Sun. 9/25 - Oak Brook - Calligraphy II (broad edge steel nibs/dipping in ink/more fine line brush and mini intro to pointed pen) 433 Oakbrook Center, Oak Brook, IL 60523 | (630) 572-1955 | Noon - 3:30P

Call the store and sign up, I can't wait to connect with you guys!