Matrimony Monday - 2019

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CONGRATS out there brides and grooms to be! Today is referred to as “Matrimony Monday”. THE busiest planning day/week after the 1st of the year. Its almost like the bookend to engagement season with couples busily attempting to lockdown goods and services as they plan their weddings for the upcoming year!

  1. THE most important thing to secure is your venue. Full stop. Popular venue’s are often booked up to a year in advance to don’t wait if you have your heart set on a spot!

  2. Popular vendors get booked QUICKLY. If you have your heart set on a florist, baker or photographer, do not wait to at least have a conversation with them. Share your date and your needs and get an idea of what you need to do to book them in time.

  3. As a rule, send Save the Dates out 6-8 months in advance of your date. Especially if inviting a high volume of out of towners or if the event itself is a destination. Invites should be sent 8-10 weeks in advance, however you can cheat with this range a little if you have sent Save the Dates already.

  4. Speaking of paper goods, you’ll need to determine if you are someone who would like to work with a custom invitation designer or if you are comfortable with the online options out there. Its a personal decision but again, if you have your eye on a vendor, make sure you give yourself enough time to work with them, it can be a time consuming process.

  5. Calligraphers are booked early. Another time consuming craft. Reach out early so your work can be scheduled!

  6. If you are super busy and feeling overwhelmed don’t be afraid to reach out to an event planner. They are literally WAITING for your phone call during this period so that they can jump in an help you bring a vision to life… On time and on budget.

    FINALLY, enjoy yourselves! This is such a special time and although it will feel like a NEVER-ENDING process at some points, you WILL get through it. Congrats again and come find me for your lettering needs! xoxo —ct