Beginning + Intermediate Modern Calligraphy Course

My first time executing a Beginners and Intermediate class on the same day! SO much material covered, wow, just wow! I already know how I want to change things up next time, but a good time was had by all and it just felt great to letter ALL DAY!

Beginners Course:

I focused on the mechanics of the pen as usual. Making marks and alternating pressure using a pencil, a fine line brush pen and then the steel nib dipped in ink. Then practice forming letters from an alphabet exemplar.

Intermediate Course:

Introduction of new writing mediums. Bleed proof white, Pearl-Ex pigments, walnut ink, etc. Some light off hand flourishing and basic envelope lettering. Manipulating the steel nib to create different kinds of letterforms. A second alphabet exemplar to work with.

Definitely will do this again!


File Jan 07, 9 50 37 AM.jpeg