2016 Top Wedding Trends - Pt. 1 of 2

Hi guys... Thought I'd go ahead and do a wedding trend blog since we are firmly into save the date and planning season. What are the biggest trends I see happening in 2016? Well, in my opinion its actually going to be more of what we've already seen happen. Unlike past years, trends pretty much came and went. Social media (which lives forever) has made some trends that MAY have faded before, STILL relevant and requested now.

Metallics/Gold Foil


Gold foil is still all the rage. Having a printing background, I can tell you that the increased cost for this style of Save the Date/Invite/Day of Stationery element was NOT a deterrent. Shiny gold can not only be found prominently in today's wedding paper suites, but also inside the planning community. The planners, the stickers, the embellishments, you name it.

Hand Lettered Everything


I'm convinced that there is a fatigue with digital. Everyone wants to see something hand lettered and therefore personalized. Weddings have become UBER personal and focused, and anything handwritten simply makes it even more so. I wrote on everything this past season... Metal, wood, lemons, ornaments, wine glass stems, you name it. Doesn't look to be slowing down either.


Watercolor Stationery

Watercolor wreaths, backgrounds, etc. are STILL all the rage. Places like Creative Market sell a lot of templates that you can use for inspiration. I designed this holiday card this year using watercolors for the first time and fell in love with it. Mixing watercolor and calligraphy is definitely something I'd like to do more of.

I'll be back soon with the second installment of 2016 wedding trends!