Welcome to my world of hand lettering! These are the styles that I am offering for 2019. Please take a look and let us know if you which style you feel resonates with your event best. I can also match custom fonts, just provide me with a visual. If filling out my form, be sure to note which style you are interested in so I can generate a formal quote for you!


We offer volume discounts (Qtys. over 175).***


I'll let you know if we have capacity inside the production schedule to handle your order and we can go from there!

MOST envelope orders take 1.5 to 2 weeks depending on the current production schedule. Your job will be placed inside of a larger schedule. We'll need a 50% deposit to start any order and will collect the balance upon delivery of your materials! Also, be sure to provide 10% overs to account for human error.

The above costs assume black ink on unlined envelopes with a standard 3-4 line address.

Inner envelopes - add $.85 each

One-time surcharges apply for the following:

  • Multiple names (more than two) per env adds $.10 to the per envelope cost

  • Gold Metallic, Silver Metallic or White ink: add $25.00 to order

  • Colored ink: add $20.00 to order


Other Lettering Needs

Certificates (name and date) - $4.75 ea
Vows - $75.00 min
Paper Seating Charts - $175.00 min
Mirrors/Chalkboards - See mirror link

Making Inquiries

Please note that March through September are our busiest months. We recommend that you book lettering services early. At least a full month and a half prior to your desired mailing date.

Please take a sneak peek below at the following questions I'll be asking and also questions you may have for me:

Are your envelopes ready to be lettered? - We can either meet you to pick them up or if you are out of state we can arrange to have them shipped to our attention.

What are the basic properties of the envelopes? - Are they lined, unlined, colored, opaque, etc?

What Ink color would you like? - Black, metallic, white, other?

What lettering style? - Please see our various styles above...

Date you'd like to have them completed - Typically, up to a week before your desired mailing date to give you time to stuff and stamp. We do not offer stuffing and stamping services at this time of the season.

The state of your list - No handwritten lists will be accepted. MS Word or PDF formatted lists with addresses in label format and centered are preferred. Excel spreadsheets are fine also.

What adds more time to having your envelopes lettered? Metallic inks (messy), white or lighter colored inks on dark envelopes (time consuming), lined envelopes and oddly/roughly textured envelopes...

Can you match a font/style that is not shown above? Yes, we've never met a font that we couldn't match, please send us a visual when inquiring. 


**Placecards/Escort Card (flat or tent styles) any style cost $1.65 each - Table names vs. numbers will increase the cost to $1.75 each**

I can supply place cards or I can write on existing place cards.

**Note: If traditional married couple titles of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Smith are eschewed in favor of Mr. Joe Smith and Mrs. Nancy Smith -- This will increase the per place card cost to $1.85 each.