Thinking about incorporating mirror signage for your wedding or special event? LOOK NO FURTHER! Below are some frequently asked questions:

In A Hurry? Below is a quick snapshot of my process:

  • Fill out the form or email me ( and let me know your date and specific need.

  • I'll need to find out if you have your own mirror or if you'd like to rent one of my rentals (rentals only for local clients - Chicagoland & surrounding suburbs).

  • Out of state clients: If you have a mirror already, unless it has some sort of heirloom value, it would be cost prohibitive for you to pay for shipping twice. I can find a mirror based on what you are looking to do decor wise, will letter it and ship.

  • Welcome/Program/Menu/Etc. Mirrors begin at $175.

  • Seating Chart costs are based on approximate guest count (see below):

    • up to 75-100 guests - $335.00 + shipping if applicable

    • up to 125-150 guests - $395.00 + shipping if applicable

    • up to 200-225 guests - $450.00 + shipping if applicable

    • over 250 guests - $545.00 + shipping if applicable

      • NOTE: I may not be able to fit this many guests comfortably on ONE mirror. Might have to do 2 side by side.

  • Extras: Delivery of my rental to venue w/pickup at the end of the evening. Cost fluctuates depending on mileage.

  • I'll need 50% to hold your date (no deposits accepted if event occurs in the next calendar year) and balance will be due upon completion.

Mirror F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions) <-- Longer read, more DEETS!

  • Where are you located? I'm located in Chicago. (Go Cubs Go!)

  • How do we start? First we decide on a mirror. Either it can be purchased by the client or myself. I typically go to Kirkland's or Home Goods. Depending on the time of year, they have some beauties...

  • How far in advance do I have to book your services? I'd like to know about your mirror 6 weeks in advance of your date. Anytime I'm alerted closer to your event, there is a chance, based on the current production schedule that I won't be able to execute in time.

  • How will I know what the lettering will look like, fonts, etc.? I can provide an electronic representation of the mirror. Just to confirm layout, placement, spelling of names, font, etc.

  • How long does it take for you to write out the mirror? It typically only takes a week to a week and a half to finish. I don't expect to have a ton of time because it will take time to get your RSVP's back and to assign seats. I am flexible as we get close to your date, however if I am UNABLE to receive your finalized content within THREE FULL DAYS prior to your event, an automatic $150.00 rush charge will be added to your order. No exceptions. Late arriving lists and/or mirrors disrupt the production schedule too badly.

  • Does the lettering smudge at all? What are you using? No, the ink instantly cures once it is applied to the mirror/glass. I use oil based paint pens. This ink is removable with green alcohol, 100% acetone or turpentine/turpenoid solution.

  • How do I receive the finished mirror? If you are local, I can come meet you with it, or if you are outside of the state of IL, I can ship it FEDEX ground.

  • Can I rent a mirror? Yes, I have a modest rental collection right now. Rentals are ONLY for local clients. Rentals begin at $65.00 + $25.00 delivery and pick up.

  • Can you do a welcome message or a quote of some sort in lieu of a seating chart? Absolutely. Costs for non-seating charts start at $150.00 + cost of mirror and any shipping/rental costs involved.

  • What if the mirror breaks prior to my event? This CAN happen during shipping. As far as my track record goes, I've had 4 "incidents" in 5 years.

    • Honestly, in my experience it typically ONLY happens with:

      • Over-sized mirrors with a lot of vertical space (i.e. 60" tall) inside custom packaging

      • Mirrors that for some reason or another, do not get packaged properly.

      • Mirrored frame mirrors. Note: I no longer ship these kinds of mirrors. Too risky for the frame portion to crack

    • The max size on the mirrors that can ship inside FEDEX large art boxes (see below) are 32" x 44". This has proven to be a very successful vehicle for the mirrors. If there DOES happen to be damage, I can file a claim (all mirrors are insured) with FEDEX and have a full refund to you in 10-15 days. PLEASE RETAIN THE PACKAGING THAT THE MIRROR WAS SHIPPED IN IN CASE FEDEX SENDS SOMEONE OUT TO INVESTIGATE THE CLAIM. The reason that you have to wait through the claim process is I will likely STILL be in the middle of being charged for shipping on the damaged goods (usually 1-2 days after your shipment arrives). No way to stop it. So honestly, I'll ALSO be waiting for compensation.

  • What styles can I choose from? I'll provide 2-3 electronic versions of your seating chart layout. The following setups are typically used:

    • Guest Name by alpha order - Table Number (most commonly done)

    • Guest Name by alpha order - Table Name

    • Table Name with guest names underneath (suggested for events with 10-12 tables max)

  • How much does the mirror and the lettering cost? I used to charge by line, but it takes some doing a lot of times to actually get an accurate count, which in turn delayed quotes. I've started to do flat pricing based on how many lines I anticipate writing based on your guest count. These costs are for setup and lettering only. Cost of the mirror is additional. See my rentals page if you are local to Chicagoland and are interested in renting. Mirror purchases are usually around $50.00 - $75.00 unless I find a sweet deal. I always pass on those savings when I find a bargain. We are unfortunately subject to what stores make available. Summer is a great season to find something cool however.

    Here is the lettering cost breakdown, I usually round up or down:

    up to 75-100 guests - $310.00 + shipping if applicable
    up to 125-150 guests - $365.00 + shipping if applicable
    up to 200-225 guests - $420.00 + shipping if applicable
    over 225 guests - Let's discuss... I may not be able to fit this many guests comfortably on ONE mirror. Might have to do 2 side by side.

  • Is there a limitation on colors? No, white is just the most popular. Inks available currently are black, white and/or gold.

  • What is the shipping cost? Shipping is additional, secure and we use FEDEX Ground/Home Delivery unless another shipping requirement is necessary. We will need to determine your location prior to calculating shipping. Average cost to ship is between $85.00 - $140.00.


******Turnaround time is 1.5-2 weeks from submission of names and deposit******

********If you are supplying your own mirror(s) there is a $25.00 logistics/handling fee********

Please email me for additional questions!

Thanks --ct